The TERRA competition team was created by students from the Federal University of
Santa Catarina in 2018 and consists of a team that researches and develops an
autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) capable of operating in unfamiliar environments
and collecting both reliable data and samples. Currently, the team is organized into five
sectors: Structures, Energy and Propulsion, Electronics, Space Research and

The Structures sector develops the mechanical design, defines the design
measurements and selects the materials to be used. In addition, it makes use of
simulation softwares to verify the situations in which the AUV will act and organizes the
internal components, in order to promote its operation.

The Energy and Propulsion sector is responsible for calculations, analyzes and
simulations related to the advancement resistance of the underwater vehicle. It also
perform the choice, sizing and location of the thrusters in the vehicle.

The Electronics sector performs the analysis and selects the type of communication
that the AUV will have. In addition, they select and programming the sensors that will
be embedded in the underwater vehicle, the sector also scales the electronics and
batteries that will be required.

From the study of space dynamics, the Space Research sector is investigating the
feasibility of sending a submarine to the moon Europa, Jupiter’s satellite, which has a
liquid ocean covered by an iced layer.

Marketing is the creative core of the team, developing products and partnerships with
third parties. In addition, the department is responsible for visual communication,
tracking posts and increasing team visibility.